Wheat Germ Oil Subcritical Extraction Process

  • FOB Price : USD $30,769.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:Chins(Mainland)

Subcritical Extraction Technology is a kind of pressurized (0.3-0.8 MPa) fluid extraction process. The extracting agent exists in the form of gas under normal pressure, while under critical pressure it exists in the fluid state. Under critical pressure, the molecular diffusion ability of extraction solvent is enhanced, transfer rate is accelerated, permeability and dissolving capacity is improved significantly. Besides, as it is a kind of low temperature extraction technology, the natural active ingredient in extraction materials are fully retained and protected.


The extraction process is cut off from the air, which can avoided oxidation reaction of special materials and help getting high grade oil products just as supercritical extraction. But the extraction pressure is much lower than supercritical extraction, which is a good thing that makes the equipment price is much lower and also make it feasible for industrialization scale production.

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