XC-780B wire stripping machine

  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China
The newly designed \"full TOUCH\" high-speed specially designed stripping wire wheel can automatically adjust the radian of the line body, completely remove any hard insulating paint on the line surface without damaging the copper (aluminium) line itself. In the absence of serious pollution and hazards, stripping is fast and safe. Scraping wire diameter range: 0.10m-10mm, suitable for circular and square lines, and can handle multiple enameled wires at the same time.
Technical parameters:
1. Fuselage size: 380X300X250mm
2. Scrapable diameter: 0.10-10mm
3. Motor power: 370W
4. Power supply voltage: ~220V/50Hz
5. Scraping length: 3mm-infinite

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