XC-905A sheath wire stripping machine

  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China
1.Applicable to electronic wire, silica gel wire, Teflon wire, glass woven vinylon, isolation wire, coaxial line, sheath wire/power cord, etc.
2. Fully automatic cutting, peeling, semi-peeling, mid-peeling and multi-stage peeling functions can be completed at one time, instantaneously changing wire specifications and sizes, and the economic effect is very high.
3. The machine is mainly used in electronics, electrical appliances, toys, automobiles and other industries.
Power Supply:AC220V 50/ 60HZ
Stripping mode:long wire, short wire, multi-segment stripping, multi-layer stripping, sheath wire
Driving mode:simultaneous four-wheel drive
Blade Material:Tungsten Blade, Front Blade
Stripping length:1.0mm-300mm (front end length can be peeled 300mm, back end can be peeled 80MM, depending on the wire)
Applicable Core Area:Outer Diameter 1.5mm to 8mm
Productivity:2000-3500 per hour (depending on line length)

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