XC-905H Wire Stripping Machine

  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China
features:This is a high-teach product and it’s self-manufactured, the stripping scope is from 1mm to 10 metres. It’s mainly used in wire process of electronics sector, electronic injection equipment, electric tool, vehicle and motor parts, motors, electrical appliance, air condition, washing machine, electronic device, toys, lamps, voltage transformer, connectors ect,. This machine rank first among similar products because of its steay performance, lower cost and simple operation, it’s your most ideal choice.
Technology Parameters
Note: blade can be replaced directly
Display mode:LCD
Power supply:AC220V/50Hz
Power:Rated 180W
Cutting length:1mm-50mm-10m
Cutting tolerance:±(0.2+0.0002×L)mm ※L=cutting length
Stripping length:Top: 0-25mm, end: 0-15mm
Stripping pattern:Full-stripping, semi-stripping, short-stripping, mid-stripping 10 parts.
Applied core area:0.1mm2-25mm2
Wire type:PVC teflon wire, glass fibres, cables, sheathing wire
Hourly output:8000-3000 pieces
Cutter material:Impor tungsten steel
Wheel pressure adjustment:Set up
Stripping pressure:Auto-raise.

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