• Place of Origin:China
Chemical name: 2,4-Diethylthioxanthone
CAS No.: 82799-44-8
Molecular formula: C17H16OS
Molecular weight: 268
Appearance: Yellow crystalline powder
Purity, %: ≥ 99
Melting point, °C: 66 - 70
Volatility, %: ≤ 0.5

Photoinitiator DETX is a highly effective Type II photoinitiator. In conjunction with tertiary amine synergists, it is used to initiate radical polymerization of unsaturated oligomers e.g. acrylates and used in UV-curing coatings and inks. It can be used in combination with mono or multi functional monomers as reactive diluents. info at hhochem. com

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