Mining Intrinsic Safety Digital Video Camera

  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China (mainland)

Model: KBA7.4

Description: KBA7.4 Mining Intrinsic Safety Digital Video Camera

MA: MAK170004

ExibI: CMExC16.4625

Exib II: CMExC17.4337


1. Coal mining’saccidentinvestigation and evidence obtaining.

2. Video underground production situation, running status of equipment, roof and floor supporting situation, geological characteristics. Provide high resolution video and pictures.

Technology parameters:

1. Video pixel: 6.65 mega-pixels

2. Storage capacity: 96G

3. Screen: color 3.0 inch LCD, face recognition, optical anti-vibration function.

4. Recording mode: 4:3, 16:9 screen

5. Video high/standard definition animations and images function.

6. Built-in adjustable micro-phone.

7. Data interfaces: USB and HDMI. (Forbidden using these under the mining)

8. Intrinsic safety. Explosion-proof sign: ExibI Mb.

9. Dimension: 138×75×85mm (L×W×H)

10. Material: ABS engineering plastics.

11. Weight: 325g (Battery included).

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