Long-distance Explosive Detector

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  • Place of Origin:China(Mainland)

Model: RL-8

Description: RL-8 Long-distance Explosive Detector


1. Theory: Base on vibrational spectrum of molecular and independent development database to search and compare the inspection result.

2. Cross measurement technology. Fast retrieve, comparison and recognition to lock the suspicious objects. (1-4m3)

Technology parameters:

1. Detecting distance: 1000 meters (on ground); 5000 meters (on plane); 30 meters (underwater); 10 meters (underground).

2. Detecting materials: fireworks, firecrackers, blackpowder, ice drug and he roin.

3. Detecting mode: non-touch, nondestructive mode vibrational spectra. Detection can distinguish trace and a certain amount.

4. Detecting technology: single chemical substance vibrational spectra.

5. Detecting speed: Fast, nondestructive, high selectivity, high spatial resolution. It will recognize material’s name within 5 seconds via comparing with vibrational spectra database.

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