Ultrasonic Nondestructive Detector

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Model: CST1

Description: CST1 Ultrasonic Nondestructive Detector


1. Theory: Ultrasonic is easy to be reflected when it contacts to two different kinds of medium interface.

2. High-speed collection chip to lead to 240MHz collection speed.

3. Automatically inspect probe “zero” point, sound velocity, “k” value and generate DAC, AVG curve, then generate a report through inputting industrial inspection standard.

Technology parameters:

1. Frequency range: 0.4~20MHz

2. Gain range: 0~120dB, 0.1, 2.0, 6.0dB stepping.

3. Dynamic range: 32dB

4. Vertical linearity: < 2.5%

5. Horizontal linearity: < 0.1%

6. Scanned area: 0~6000mm

7. Resolution: > 45dB

8. Surplus sensitivity: > 62dB (deep 200mm Φ2 flat-bottom hole)

9. Attenuator Accuracy: < ± 1dB/12dB

10. Working mode: single probe, double crystal probe, penetration probe.

11. Damping: 50/100/400Ω auto match.

12. Digits inhibition: 0~99% Linear inhibition, no influence to linear and gain.

13. Alarm: buzzer, LED light.

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