Multi-function Pressure Vessel Leak Detector

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  • Place of Origin:China(Mainland)

Model: LE4500

Description: LE4500 Multi-function Pressure Vessel Leak Detector


Instrument is used for leak detection of gases compression system, air tightness or sealing pressure vessel. Visual operation improves detecting accuracy and convenience. It’s applicable for petrifaction, electricity, manufacture, pharmacy, aviation shipbuilding, paper-making, metallurgy, buildings and automobile-making fields.

Technology parameters:

1. Image display mode and high sensitivity achieve the detection for 30 meters distance, 1 bar pressure, 0.01mm diameter leak point.

2. Adjustable range: 50~100dB

3. Adjustable frequency range: 34~46 kHz.

4. Display image automatically: Sound + value + color-bar + leak point (4 modes).

5. Camera pixels: 640×480.

6. Display: 3.5 inch color LCD screen.

7. USB interface.

8. 1000 images storage. Instrument images can be downloaded to computer.

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