Gas Drainage Multi-parameters Detector

  • Place of Origin:China(Mainland)
  • Minimum order:1

Model: CJZ18W

Description: CJZ18W Gas Drainage Multi-parameters Detector

MA: MFA150197

KA: KFA150024

ExibI Mb: 320150856


It’s a comprehensive instrument to detect parameters of pipelines (main and branch pipelines) and gas drainage pump. It measures and displays CH4/CO2/CO/O2concentration inside pipeline and pipeline’s negative pressure, differential pressure, absolute pressure. It can also measure pump’s inlet/outlet absolute pressure, rotational speed, voltage, current, power, efficiency. For water ring vacuum pump, instrument can measure its water pressure, inlet water temperature, outgassing temperature and pump house’s temperature and humidity.


1. Tailor-made flow detecting device.

2. Imported non-dispersive infrared methane and CO2sensor.

3. Owns memory function in case of power interruption.

4. Data storage.

5. FATFS files storage.

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