Gus Brand new Wave soldering and unloading machine SMT PCB Automatic Unloader made in China

  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China
Size (length × width × height) 1000*600*750mm
PCB width Max.350mm
PCB orientation
L-R(R-L option)
transfer speed 0-2m/min
engine Single phase 220V 25W
power supply Single phase 220V 50Hz
Conveyor height 700-800MM adjustable
Belt material Anti-static belt
Transport rail length 1000MM
weight 50KG

High Quality SMT Production Line Machine with CE SMT line(tHigh flexibility): Loadertprinter+conveyor+pick and place +conveyort+reflow oven+working table (size:12.2-2*1.65m)
1. workers:1-2(Operator1, AOl 1)
2. Actual Capacity:20000-22000pcs/hour(28000CPH FOR IPC9850)
3. Other information to check the catalogue The expansion of the solution: If it is necessary to increase production quantity, only need to increase the smt mounter, the other device does not need to increase, cost savings.
1) Suitable for all led lights: led tube, led bulb, led strip, led panel, led downlight..
2) From full automatic to semi-automatic, high to meddle speed line!
3) High accuracy machine line!
4) One year warranty!
5) Engineer availble to install and training machine in oversea!

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