Carv 6000rmp/min MT full-drive intelligent digital puller,accessory for sewing machine with independent motor

  • FOB Price : USD $277.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Daily capacity:30sets
  • Brand:Carv
  • Weight:4.7kg
  • Drive method:independent stepper motor
  • Lifting method:motor lifting method
  • Roller pitch:small and equal 12mm
  • Roller width:10-60mm
  • Roller pull:small and equal 4Nm(depending on configua\ration)


1.Input Voltage:90-240V

2.Output power:120W

3.Control motor:Stepper motor

4.Lifting method:motor lifting method

5.Lifting height:small and equal 30mm non-working state(small and equal 12mm working state)

6.Pressure adjustment:spring asjustment

7.Support maximum speed:6000rmp/min

8.Applicable models:single and double sewing machine,herringbone machine,stretch sewing machine and etc

Product advantage

1.Independent research and development of electronic control to achieve high speed and sewing machine synchronization.

2.Independent motor lifts the digital puller without air supply.

3.Traction is 1.5 times that of ordinary digital puller.

4.Patented pull-down lift digital puller switch for easy installation.

5.Fine-tuning the digital puller stroke according to the thickness of the fabric.



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