Bitumen primer BITAREL ECO (water based, solvent-free, eco-friendly)

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Primer bitumen dispersion BITAREL is an aqueous emulsion of petroleum bitumen modified with technological additives.


- preparation of the base (concrete, cement, brick, wood, screed before applying waterproofing mastics, glue);

- for priming of bases, metal bases of building structures;

- to ensure a strong grip of the waterproofing coating with the base.


- environmentally friendly (does not contain organic solvents);

- for indoor and outdoor use;

- easy to apply (apply with a brush, roller);

- does not require alignment of the surface;

- fire and explosion proof;

- applicable on any grounds (wood, metal, concrete, brick, etc.).

Preparation of basis

The treated surface must be dried, cleaned of dirt, dust, sand, debris, grease and oil stains, cracks must be sealed repair mixtures. It is allowed to use on wet grounds.

Preparation of product

With long-term storage of the primer, its delamination is allowed. Before use, the primer must be mixed until smooth with a low-speed stirrer. If necessary, dilute with water to the desired consistency. After dilution, use within 2 hours.

Product application

The primer is applied with a brush, brush or roller. The drying rate of the primer depends on the humidity and ambient temperature. The primer is considered to be dried if there are no traces of bitumen on the napkin attached to it.

Operating temperature limits

+5°C to + 40°C

Average consumption

00.16-0.35 kg / m2 (depending on the porosity of the base)

Type of packaging


Working temperature of heating in the limits, °C, not more

Does not require heating

Work on the application of the product must be applied at an ambient temperature of at least, °C

+5°C to +30°C


Approx. 1000 kg / m3

Delivery form

Polyethylene bucket 4,5kg (5l), 9kg (10l), 18kg (20l)


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