Bitumen universal sealant BITAREL ECO (water based, solvent-free, eco-friendly)

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Bitumen universal dispersion sealant BITAREL is an aqueous emulsion of petroleum bitumen modified with synthetic latex, technological additives.


- for the device and repair of mastic roof;

- for repair of all types of roof;

- for the device protective layers of the roof;

- for waterproofing of building structures (foundations, basements, piles, floors, buried in the ground or in contact with a wet environment);

- for waterproofing of internal premises (bathrooms, floors, walls, swimming pools, balconies, basements).


- environmentally friendly (does not contain organic solvents);

- for indoor and outdoor use;

- easy to apply (apply with a brush, roller);

- high heat and frost resistance;

- high elasticity;

- does not require alignment of the surface;

- fire and explosion proof;

- applicable on wet grounds.

Preparation of basis

The treated surface must be dried, cleaned of dirt, dust, sand, debris, grease and oil stains, cracks must be sealed repair mixtures. Before applying the mastic is recommended to prime surface with the bitumen dispersion primer BITAREL. It is allowed to use on wet grounds.

Preparation of product

At long storage of mastic its delamination is allowed. Before use, the mastic must be thoroughly mixed throughout the volume until a homogeneous mass is formed with a low-speed stirrer. Preparation of mastic should be made on the open platform or in well ventilated room.

Product application

Sealant is applied layer by layer with a brush, roller or pouring with leveling special strokes. Be sure to let the previous one dry before applying the next layer of mastic. The rate of drying of the mastic depends on the humidity and temperature of the surrounding air. The thickness of each layer should not exceed 1.5 mm. the Total thickness of the waterproofing after drying mastic should be at least 2 mm.during the application work, it is necessary to prevent direct sunlight on the product. The layer from mastic is considered dried up if it does not stick.

Operating temperature limits


Average consumption

2,5-3,5 kg / m2(for waterproofing works)

3,8-5,7 kg / m2(for roofing works)

Working temperatureDoes not require heating

Work on the application of the product must be applied at an ambient temperature of at least +5°С to +30°С

Density1250 kg/m3

Delivery form

Plastic bucket 5kg (5l), 10kg (10l), 20kg (20l)


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