High temperature fused silica quartz sight glass

  • Minimum order:10
  • Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
  • Application:Lighting Glass, Industry
  • Color:Transparent
  • Edges:Treatment Polished,Grinded
  • Feature:High temperature high pressure resistant
High temperature fused silica quartz sight glass

Quartz glass has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, high temperature resistance, excellent chemical stability, excellent electrical insulation, low and stable ultrasonic delay performance, the best UV-Vis spectral performance and visible and near infrared spectroscopy Performance, and has a higher than ordinary glass mechanical properties.


1. Household electrical appliance (panel for oven and fireplace, microwave tray etc.);

2. Environmental engineering and chemical engineering (lining layer of repellence, autoclave of chemical reaction and safety spectacles);

3. Lighting (spotlight and protective glass for jumbo power of floodlight);

4. Power regeneration by solar energy (solar cell base plate);

5. Fine instruments (optical filter);

6. Semi-conductor technology (LCD disc, display glass);

7. Medical technique and bio-engineering;

8. Safety protection (bullet proof glass)

Technical Data

Physical properties of quartz

Density 20℃ kg*m-3(×103)

Coefficient of expansion 25-300℃℃-1(×10-6) 0.5
Softeningpoint(℃) 1710
Annealingpoint(℃) 1230
Strainpoint(℃) 1140
Youngs modulus(Pa) 7.3×105

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