Yoyik Stator water filter KLS-125T/20

  • FOB Price : USD $580.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China (Mainland)

Dongfang Yoyik uses new materials for the traditional valve to add a new impetus. The use of such materials greatly reduces the production costs, without the purchase of high-value metal, no special equipment and professional production. Also it can have longer life and simpler repair, has more advantage than traditional pump material. The application of new pump material greatly reduced the cost of the pump material and maintenance costs.

Stator water filter KLS-125T/20

filter LH0950R1BN/HC

filter FBX (TZ)-250*1

filter HDX-100*20

EH oil pump outlet unloading valve rpgc-lav

globe throttle check valve KJC100-4.0P

50FJ1.6P globe valve

precision filter MSF-04-07

impeller 2S-185

filter SWF4

O ring HY.SO.0060.V

Ball bearing SKF 6306

filter SGLQ1000B

Stator water filter KLS-125T/20

filter ZX-160*100

Limit Switch3SE2210-OE

solenoid valve 4WE10D-20/OFAG220NZ4

9332 1*17*2200 semi-conductive spacer

05C2420 sealant injector

filter 0240R005BN3HC/-V

filter HBX-110*5

LVDT Position SensorHL-3-100-15

oil filter Q2U-A100*10BS

butterfly valve 100DSF4CB3

CS-1 L=90 Speed sensor

filter FAX (NX)-160*5

Stator water filter KLS-125T/20



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