Metal Forming Machine Solar Panel Roll Forming Machine

  • 29000:59000
  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China

Solar panel structure mounting bracket roll forming machine production line

Roll forming machine for production solar bracket named as solar pv bracket, solar photovoltaic bracket.

Roll forming machine for solar panel


Solar bracket production line process

(A) 2 in 1 Uncoiler Straightening→servo feeder→Hydraulic press breach device → Guide device → roll forming machine → hydraulic punch →shear device (including knife)→ finished product rack

Devices completed prodution line

Shenzhen Superda Machine Co., Ltd Solar Panel Roll forming machine

No. Machine name QTY REMARK
1 Uncoiler straightener 1
2 Servo Feeder 1
3 Hydraulic machine 1 With mould
4 Guide device 1
5 Forming machine 1
6 Hydraulic machine 1 With mould (2 sets)
7 Follow Shear 1 Including knife
8 Collect rack 1
9 Control system 1

Machine accessories brand

No. Name manufacturer
1 Motor & Reducer Domestic brands
2 The main key bearing Domestic brands
3 Inverter Shilin
4 PLC Systems Siemens
5 Low-voltage electrical Schneider
6 Encoder Omron
7 touch screen Siemens
8 Hydraulic system Domestic brands

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