car washing equipment combination drum box air water electric high pressure drum foam water

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JARCH\'s Car beauty shop car washing equipment combination drum box body air drum water drum electric drum high pressure drum foam water vapor mixing


Main Features of Luxury-type Totally Enclosed Structure ABS free Combined Drum /Hose Reel Box

1. Single group, according to different needs can be composed of multiple combinations, optional power distribution, gas, water, shampoo, wax , etc.
2. Can be installed, gas, water, shampoo,wax and other combination, simple, convenient, the atmosphere.
3. ABS High strength plastic shell
4. Double sided LED lamp surface content display, more coordination, highlighting the unity
5. The use of automatic layer rules pipeline device, avoid pipeline winding each other
6. VED certification cable to ensure first-class quality, waterproof and anti pull plug socket protection, more safe and reliable
7. Can be 360 degrees pull the direction of the pipe, the working range is large, used in a variety of maintenance workshop
8. The bottom plate is provided with a hanging buckle, which is convenient and can be fixed on the wall or ceiling.
9. Trademarks can be produced according to requirements, improve the image
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