DMX 512 Signal Multiple Wires Motor Power Cord Cable Reel Lamp Power Cord Drum

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Product Description

JARCH DMX 512 Signal Multiple Wires Motor Power Cord Cable Reel Lamp Power Cord Drum

JARCH\'s series L 7000 power cord reels offer many different styles of outlets. Easy to mount and structurally strong, the power cord reels have robotically welded heavy gauge steel frame that attaches to most structurally sound surfaces. For indoor, non-weather tight applications only. *UL/CSA approved*

*** Reinforced steel - The robotically welded steel base offers maximum strength and consistent quality.

*** Heavy duty collector ring - A robust collector ring assures maximum conductivity current flow.

*** Long life drive spring - Declutching arbor virtually eliminates possibility of spring damage due to reverse winding. Only the highest quality spring steel is used and conditioned to insure there are no imperfections offering maximum service life.

*** Quality finish and corrosion resistant - Individually powder coated components offer the maximum protection from premature corrosion.


Heavy Duty Cord Reel for Theatrical Lighting Bar Stage

Reel Specifications and Dimensions


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