PVC Resin - SG5 Suspension grade

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Product Description

Chemical Name: Poly (vinyl chloride)

Formula: (C2H3CL)n CAS No.: 9002-86-2 Molecular Weight: 62.4987

Hs Code: 3904109001 Property: White powder

Features: White powder, it will appear different physical and mechanical properties after add various additives to it. It has better quality of mechanic feature, anticorrosion, dielectric and anti-chemicals.

PVC resin is the most widely raw material used in plastic production. It has good chemical stability, corrosion resistance and water resistance. It can be dissolved in acetone, hydrochloric ether, ester and some alcohol. It can offer good solubility, good electrical insulation, thermoplasticity and membrane forming capacity.

Use: It is used in the insulation material of PVC tube, panel, hard transparent sheet, foil, disc, PVC monofilament, blow molding product, appliance insulation material.

PVC resin - SG1 K-Value 76-75
PVC resin - SG2 K-Value 74-73
PVC resin - SG3 K-Value 72-71
PVC resin - SG4 K-Value 70-69
PVC resin - SG5 K-Value 68-66
PVC resin - SG6 K-Value 65-63
PVC resin - SG7 K-Value 62-60
PVC resin - SG8 K-Value 59-55
PVC resin - S1000 K-Value 68-66
PVC resin - S1300 K-Value 72-71

SG-1 is used in producing high-grade electrical insulating material
SG-2 is used in producing electrical insulating material, common soft products and film
SG-3 is used in producing electrical insulating materials, agricultural film, daily-use plastic products,
SG-4 is used in producing membranelle for industrial and civil use, tube and pipes
SG-5 is used in producing transparent products section bar, hard tube and decorative materials
SG-6 is used in producing clear foil, hard board and welding rod
SG-7, SG-8 is used in producing clear foil, hard injection molding.

Package, storage and Transportation:
Packed in a kraft paper bag lined with PP-woven bag, Net weight per bag: 25± 0.25kg. Not allowed outdoor storage. Keep away from sunshine and humidity.

Polyvinyl chloride resin(GB/T5761-2006)


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