HFM back suction corrosion resistant press filter pump

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HFM series back suction corrosion and wear resistant pressure filter pump has the unique structure. The sealing life is 2 to 3 times as the similar pumps, especially with pressure conveying condition(filter press equipment or with pressure spray circulation pump). The advantage of sealing is particularly obvious. Under high pressure conditions, the wear resistance is better than the conventional pump. Because of the two-stage pressure, the impeller linear velocity of the slurry pump is between 22~28 m/s, so the outlet pressure of 0.8~1MPa can be obtained, while the impeller linear velocity of the single-stage slurry pump is around 35~40 m/s, so the outlet pressure of 0.8~1MPa can be obtained. The linear velocity of the impeller decreases, and the wear resistance increases geometrically under the same working condition. The pump is widely used for non-ferrous smelting, environmental protection, chemical, titanium dioxide, non-metal processing and other industries. HFM corrosion resistant press filter pump is Suitable for conveying corrosive liquid or slurry within 100℃.

scope of application

1. This series of pump can transport all kinds of corrosive liquid within 100℃and non corrosive liquid and slurry or used for all kinds of filter press pressure feeding pump, such as: non-ferrous metal zinc, copper, cobalt, nickel, manganese and other wet smelting technology with pressure filter of pump or process pumps, mining mineral processing, non-metallic mineral processing (such as titanium dioxide, kaolin) process of the slurry pump, sludge, waste residue pump in the environmental protection industry, other chemical industry, dye, pharmacy, food production technology of pressure filtration pump or pump pressure.

2. Long term pressure operation (high outlet pressure) to transport corrosive media, such as flue gas desulfurization, air treatment in the pressure spray pump, pressure flushing pump, etc.

3. Used for the condition where other pumps convey medium and is easy to leak.

4. The pump has two series of single stage and double stage, which can meet the needs of small flow and high pressure transport corrosive slurry .

HFM pump is not applicable to the condition: the suction inlet liquid level is less than 0.5m or the negative pressure in suction inlet is too large.


UHMWPE material(normal material): the pump made of the material is suitable for conveying corrosive and abrasive slurry within 100℃.

Corrosion resistant and wear resistant stainless steel (B) : the pump made of the material is suitable for conveying abrasive slurry within 110℃.For example, for electrolysis zinc, electrolytic manganese and other high temperature leaching process in the transport of high temperature slurry, the effect will be better.

Polypropylene (P): the pump made of the material is used for conveying clear liquid without solid. For example, the exhaust gas treatment system pressure spray pump (flue gas desulfurization, etc.).

Fluoroplastics (F) : The pump made of the material is mainly suitable for conveying solvent and strong oxidizing medium, such as concentrated nitric acid.

Polyurethane rubber (PU) : the pump made of the material is mainly suitable for low corrosion requirements, but serious abrasion, such as slag pump, or cyclone in mineral processing with the pump.

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