Silicone Coated Fire Heat Shield Sleeve

  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:CHINA

Silicone Coated Fire Heat Shield Sleeve is made by E-glass fiber braided and coated heavy duty pure silicone rubber. This rugged silicone coating makes the fire sleeve resistant to most chemicals, including hydraulic fluids, oils and fuels. The coating also makes it resistant to abrasion and fraying.


Withstands 500°F continuous / 2000°F intermittent heat


Used to protect brake lines, fuel lines, wiring harnesses and cables.


Material Silicone, fiberglass
Continuous Temperature 500 °F
Melt Temperature 900 °F
Standard Color Black
Color Black, red, blue, yellow, orange, green, pink, purple
Package Carton box
Cutting tools Scissors
Part Number Description
4104 4mm ID
4106 6mm ID
4108 8mm ID
4110 10mm ID
4112 12mm ID
4115 15mm ID
4120 20mm ID
4125 25mm ID
4130 30mm ID
4135 35mm ID
4138 38mm ID


Special size and color upon request.

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