welded type one pieces Casing centralizer

  • FOB Price : USD $30.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:10
  • Place of Origin:China
welded type one pieces Casing centralizer

Elastic centralizer is often used in oil and gas fields to keep the casing centered in the well to improve the cementing quality.The existing elastic centralizer is mainly divided into welding type and clasp type. Its disadvantages are as follows: due to the welding structure or clasp structure, its firmness is affected by many aspects, and it may fall off in use, bringing hidden dangers to the use of centralizer.The traditional elastic centralizer can also bear limited pressure, which is easy to be damaged when the pressure is too high. Moreover, when the elastic centralizer needs to shrink internally through the smaller diameter section, its elasticity and strain are insufficient, which makes it difficult for the casing to be centered in the well and greatly affects the cementing quality.

Product advantages :
1. suitable for horizontal well design in highly deviated Wells and long sections.
2. No separated components or welded parts, completely eliminating the possibility of fishing.
3. High deviation clearance ratio (+85%) and high resilience.
4. Complete casing fit in the downsizing section.
5. The design is the same size as the downhole, with no initial downhole resistance, low friction and low torque.
6. The righting bar can achieve the maximum lateral support.

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