API standard hinged non-welded casing centralizer

  • FOB Price : USD $30.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:10
  • Place of Origin:China
API standard hinged non-welded casing centralizer


1.Designed and manufactured as per API Spec 10D.

2.Non Weld Bow centralizers are used to position the casing in the center of the well bore in vertical, deviated as well as horizontal wells.

3.The Non Weld Bow Centralizers combine the highest Non Weld Centralizer restoring force with the lowest starting force.

4.High quality Bows made of special alloy steel with uniform hardness provide optimum performance.

5.The bows with extended profile prevent them from hitting against casing collars.

6.Hinge locking pins are of high strength steel for maximum structural robustness .

7.Bows are then Flattened several times on a special machine to get permanent setting.

8.Centralizers undergo a special process of rust prevention before powder coating.

9.The Non Weld Bow spring centralizers are available in sizes 4-1/2\" to 20\".

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