Conference Room

  • FOB Price : USD $100.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China (Mainland)

LedScreen forConferenceRoom

As for conference room solution, LED display technology must deliver superior visual performance and clarity to enable efficient meeting. More specifically, customers are looking for a superior conference room solution including but not limited to:

Visually stunning

Flexible and convenient

Safe and stable

Compatible with other devices

The newly innovated AOTOConferenceRoomLed


Turnkey professional solution. 24/7 operation,10 years life span. Network distributed control system, one key for multiscreens control.

Cost-Superior Image Quality

24 bit processing depth creates stunning and vivid image. HDR (high dynamic range) technology enables higher contrast and more image details. Adjustable color temperature.

Human-Oriented Mechanical Design

Seamless splicing for different resolution. Multi-shape and creative design. Front & rear serviceable, fast maintenance.


Fan-kess design, excellent heat dissipation. EMC Class B, antielec tromagnetic interface. Ergonomic latch design, fast and secure.

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