Forged Steel Valve

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ZECOforged valve manufacturing process

Forged valve adopts the forging process, because the mechanical properties of castings is lower than the same material of forgings, and forgings are formed by casting after forging processing of raw materials, the original casting internal loose grain structure, as a result of the forging force become more closely, make better continuity of metal fibre, plasticity and mechanical properties of the metal.Forged gate valve manufacturers

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Forged Steel Gate Valve for Sale List

Forged Gate Valve

SW Gate Valve

Forged Globe Valve

A105 Globe Valve

SW Globe Valve

Forged Steel Check Valve for Sale List

Forged Check Valve

A105 Check Valve

Sw Check Valve

Forged Steel Ball Valve for Sale List

2pc Ball Valve

3pc Ball Valve

Two Piece Ball Valve

Three Piece Ball Valve


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