Gear Operated Gate Valve

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  • Place of Origin:china

Description of Gear Operated Gate Valve:

ZECOgear operated gate valve

Features of Gear Operated Gate Valve:

1. ZECO gear operated gate valve adopts the top-mounted stem nut design, because the corrosion situation of outdoor, the handwheel is probably the most easy to corrosion damage of parts, and in replacing the handwheel, ZECO design can ensure the stem and disc in the condition of open valve, even can\'t fall off the handwheel, ensure the valve in the pipeline in the process of maintaining the normal use;

2. The packing of ZECO gear operated gate valve is made of flexible graphite material, and its sealing performance is very reliable after nearly 30 years of use. But also according to the requirements of the user, the choice of packing ring and grease structure to ensure that the valve stem seal;

3. The stem of ZECO gear operated gate valve is connected to the gate by a t-groove, which allows the gate to be automatically corrected and sealed normally if it is offset by medium impact;

4. The casting of ZECO gear operated gate valve has been strictly inspected by the inspection department to ensure that all materials can meet international standards and make users feel more assured in use.


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