Disposable PVC Examination Gloves

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Disposable PVC Examination Gloves

Product code: KA-11 (disposable PVC inspection gloves)
Packaging technology: 100 pieces/boxes, 10 boxes/boxes, L/M/S
Scope of application: Medical surgical examination, etc.

Product Introduction:
It\'s made from synthetic PVC, no protein that cause allergies, therefore, the people who are allergic to latex gloves can use it safely.

Wear comfortable,good tensile strength, stabproof and unbreakable; the sealing is good, effectively prevent dust spreading out.

Excellent anti-chemical performance and acid-alkali resistance; No silicon components,it has anti-static properties,applicable to electronic industry production.

No powder gloves adopt special PU coating process;Powder gloves contain 100% pure natural cornstarch,non-sticky,Easy to wear off,considerate protection.


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