PM Series Sport Stadium Perimeter LED Display

  • Minimum order:1

Dual Backup

High Refresh

Adjustable bracket

Protective top cover

Rubber module mask

Quick lock & fast assembly

Independent RCD Protection

Indicator & One key detection

Rotating Design for Emergency

Professional Software PM Player

Rotating Design with Wheels for Emergency Exit

LEDFUL PM series with rotating base and wheels for emergency exit for perimeter LED display installation in stadium.

This is necessary for quick and easy escape required by most football associations.

Rotating Design with Wheels for Emergency Exit

Adjustable Bracket

Cabinet adjustable angle between 60°and 90°

Adjustable Bracket

Protective Top Cover and Rubber Module Mask

Protective top cover protect players from injury. Rubber module mask protect LED from ball and players striking,

besides protect players against further injury.

Professional Software PM Player


manage your media and show linear content on yourstadium perimeter led display

4H Makes Perfect Visual Effect

High Brightness: ≥7000nits

High Grey Scale: 65536 levels

High Refresh Rate: 2880Hz

High Contrast: 5000:1

SMD Performance and View Angle

Better contrast ratio and viewing performance

Wide viewing angle increasing its value by covering more viewing

Energy Saving Stadium Perimeter

LED Display

1) Using high efficiency IC driver

2) improved PCB design

3) Power conversion efficiency

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