Scenic Spot Turnstile Solution

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Scenic Spot Outdoor Turnstile Solution For Better Experience and Management

1.Outdoor turnstile

2. Ticket-escaping can be prevented thanks to the intelligent anti-tailing alarm system. One person, one ticket. Safe and efficient.

3. A lot of labor costs would be saved after turnstile gates being installed as fewer employees are needed for the ticket booking, verifying and collecting work.

4. Turnstile gates are for long-term operation as the cabinets are made from high-quality stainless steel which is waterproof and anti-corrosion. Besides, ZOJE has always been following the most advanced access control technology for the most reliable security products.

Scenic Spot Outdoor Turnstile Solution Offers Convenient Self-help System for Tourists

Tourists can book tickets online or through mobile APP to get a QR code for scanning at the entrance. Paper tickets are also accepted by the outdoor turnstile gates.

Outdoor turnstile gates will improve the efficiency and accuracy of ticket checking and financial management. Besides, tourists would have a better experience as they can get access to the spot faster and more convenient than before.

Scenic spots equipped with outdoor turnstile gates tend to be more popular as tourists will take less time for the booking, ticket inspecting and so on. This way, more time is available for sightseeing.

Scenic Spot Outdoor Turnstile Solution Helps to Promot Your Brand Image

Tripod turnstile gates are highly recommended for scenic spots solutions.

The turnstile gates will highly improve tourists\' satisfaction and raise your spot\'s profile.

Customized solutions are available for all scenic resorts to make a safe, efficient and cost-effective touring experience.

If you are having a limited budget, tripod turnstile will definitely be your best choice. Otherwise, you can also considerflap barrier

All in all, welcome to write to us for your best scenic spot outdoorturnstile security systems swing gates

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