LDPE Film bales scrap, LDPE rolls, plastic ldpe scrap, clean and clear ldpe 100%/98

  • FOB Price : USD $210.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:25
  • Place of Origin:USA
(scrapsindustriesinc.com) is manufacturer, wholesaler, exporter and supplier of low density polyethylene (LDPE) and we’re located in the United States. Having branches throughout the States makes us leading, when it comes to plastic ldpe film scrap. Our LDPE Rolls and bales are waste from manufacturer and differ in grades. We have 100% clean and clear ldpe, 98,95 etc. Furthermore, we also have yellow; blue and black in colors scrap ldpe. As well as mixed it’s available. We carry our variety types of ldpe films; may you be interested in LDPE PLASTIC SCRAP ROLL OR BALES? And then you are welcome as our main business lay on ldpe. Kindly check our website and contact us along with your requirements.

Website: scrapsindustriesinc.com
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