Mini DIY CNC 3040 Woodworking Router Machine Engraving Tool

  • uNIT PRICE (EX.W):1300
  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
  • Working Area:300X400X130mm(X*Y*Z)
  • Spindle:800W
  • Motor:Stepper Motor
  • Cutting Speed:50-1500mm Per Min
  • Rotate Speed:0-24000r/Min
  • Repeated Positioning Accuracy:<=0.05mm
  • Positioning Accuracy:<=0.03mm
  • Control System:Mach3, EMC2(USB Port)
  • Carving Instruction:G Code/Tab File/Nc File/Ncc File
  • Gross Weight:55kg
  • Cooling Method:Water Cooling

Machine Dimension


Workbench Dimension


Frame Material

Aluminium alloy and metal plate

Working Area


Feed high


Slide Unit

X, Y,Z axis: ø20 high-intensity square orbit

Drive Unit

X, Y, Z axis: SFU1605 ball screw

Stepper Motor

57 mode, 3A two-phase stepping motor

Drive Power Supply

AC 110-220V, 240W, Output: DC 24V 10A

Max idling speed

50-1500mm per min,

Cutting Speed


Standard Spindle

2200W, ER11 collet, 6mm core

Repeated Positioning Accuracy


Positioning Accuracy


Rotate Speed


Cooling Method

Water cooling, come with submersible pump

Carving Instruction

G code/TAB file/nc file/NCC file

Acceptable Software

Mach3 or EMC2


AV 220V, 1500W, 0-400Hz

Electric Protection

Emergency Stop Button

Communication Interface

USB port to computer

Software Environment

Windows XP 32 bite, Windows 7 32 bite

Input Voltage

AC220V(AC110V customized)

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