Laser Engraving Machine for Gravure Cylinder Embossing Roller Laser Lacquer Ablation Burning Laser Etching

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  • Place of Origin:China (Mainland)

Working principle: For laser gravure engraving, the copper roller surface is painted with black base adhesive layer, with laser ablation cell area, so the cell at the copper layer exposed, non-network by the protective layer of corrosion, to be corroded You can get the concave hole.

Product Description: Laser engraving machine for the laser production line of the core equipment, Yuncheng Hongjian laser machine all the hardware and software are independent research and development, easy to upgrade, engraving software and DYM electric engraving machine consistent, easy to learn with airborne side of the network tester , Easy to measure, high production efficiency High precision machining assembly assembly level, tailstock movement using gas suspension, can be easily moved, the bed structure is heavy, stability has been further improved. Yuncheng Hongjian laser engraving cigarette pack version, high security pattern, fine lines and other requirements of the strict version of the class, than the market has a clear advantage of the laser machine can be comparable with the imported machine.
Yuncheng Hongjian sale after the current three full-time staff, in the laser production line for many years, the experience is very rich, for the production process and all kinds of operations have a deep understanding of thin, and is responsible for new and old customers to provide the entire process of training.

Long life laser generator, few consumables needed
Imposition system same as electric engraving
Any network editing synthesis
Seamlessly engraving
256 grayscale engraving with electric engraving resolution
Curve editing with general electric carving
All-cast high-precision precision bed with high precision linear guide ball screw steel rails
Simple and easy to maintain software and electrical systems

Product parameters:

Dimensions: 3600*1500*1600

Weight: 8T

Edition roll diameter: 400

Three claws face distance: 1628

Power: 7KW

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