Sand Blasting Machine Sand Blasting Machine Sand Blaster for Embossing Rollers Rolls Cylinders of Steel Laser Engraving

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  • Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Sand-basting machine

1. Machine bed is welded by Q235 medium plate.
2. The machine\'s track uses two pieces of 45 straight tracks and double-stage reducer.
3. Rack drive.
4. Sand-blasting head can adjust the distance electrically.
5. Sand-blasting pressure: 7—7.5MPa
6. Load-bearing of automatic cantilever tailstock: ≤1.5T
7. Double inverted-cone top.
8. Clamp automatically.
9. Frequency conversion adjusting speed.
10. Touch screen, PLC automatic control, encoder.
11. Automatic sand-entering.
12. Three sand tanks.
13. Exhauster system.
14. Dust removal system.
15. Automatic machine cover.
16. Sand-suction system.

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