Danfoss Compressor MT40JH4EVE

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Product feacures:

1,The Danfoss Maneurop® Piston Compressors are specially designed for a wide range of applications, with a wide range of operating conditions. In order to ensure that the product has a long life, all parts are of high quality and precision machining,

2,Maneurop® MT and MTZ series compressors are hermetic compressors designed for medium and high evaporation temperatures.

3,The compressor is designed so that the motor is 100% cooled by suction.

4,Compressor internal protection, high efficiency ring valve design and high-torque motor and other reliable advantages of the installation work with good quality.

5,MT compressor design using the traditional R22 refrigerant, with Danfoss mineral oil 160P as a lubricant.

6,The MT compressor is also used for several 22-based refrigerant mixtures (alternative refrigerants), using 160ABM Alkyl benzene lubricating oil.

7,MTZ compressor: specially designed for R407C, R134a, R404A and R507 and other HFC refrigerant, the use of 160PZ polyester oil as lubricating oil in the high-temperature compressor.

8,MTZ compressors can be used in new installations or can be substituted for existing Maneurop® MTE compressors

9,Maneurop® compressors have a large internal free volume which protects the compressor against liquid hammering when the liquid refrigerant enters the compressor.

10,Maneurop® compressors are completely cooled by the suction gas. This means that the compressor does not require additional cooling and allows the compressor to be enclosed with an acoustic silencer to achieve a lower noise level without the risk of overheating the compressor.

11,MT and MTZ compressors are available in 22 models with piston capacities ranging from 30 to 271 cm3 / rev.

12,There are seven different motor voltage ranges for single phase and three phase 50 and 60Hz supplies.

Most compressors can take two forms:
■ Standard form
■ VE form (oil balance + oil mirror)

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