Rice quality detector

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Rice quality detector can automatically analyze and evaluate all kinds of rice (indica rice, japonica rice, glutinous rice, silk seedling rice, special rice, organic rice, etc.). It is a professional instrument which can automatically detect rice quality index after obtaining rice image by scanner. It is often used in rice and product quality supervision and testing center, rice joint laboratory, gene research center, genetic and developmental biology institute, grain circulation enterprises, processing enterprises and so on.

The instrument adopts image scanning and acquisition method, and uses general computer and special processing software for image processing.
1. Test the whole rice rate of Rice, the chalky grain rate, chalky whiteness, yellow grain rice, imperfect grain,grain type of rice and so on.
2. Automatically measure the area, length and diameter, short diameter, aspect ratio, roundness and equivalent diameter of each grain, and can automatically analyze the processing and output results in large quantities.
3. Chalkiness: the average chalky size, chalky grain number, chalky whiteness, chalky grain rate and transparency in the whole rice.
4. Broken rice: in the rice grain image, broken rice, whole rice, rice grain number and abnormal rice can be displayed with different color. Can see the different grain types of each rice grain; the system can manually delete the abnormal meter, the data can be automatically updated, and the inspection is more accurate.
5. Data storage and print:save each analysis Image, distribution map and result data; the data of inspection information such as grain type and chalky calculation of test samples can be saved as EXCEL documents, with standard thermal printer.
7. Corresponding to the national standard GB/T1350 Rice, GB/T17891 high-quality rice or GB1354 Rice, the new standard of the Ministry of Agriculture [Rice] NY/T2334-2013.
8. With a sample barcode and RS232 data software interface for electronic balance. The range of seeds that can be measured simultaneously is 0.25-20mm, the automatic measurement accuracy is ≥99%, and the accuracy rate after interactive correction is 100%.
9. Software encryption is encrypted by encryption dog + dynamic two-dimensional code to prevent the loss of encryption dog.

Technical parameters
optical resolution:4800*9600 scanning width: 30 cm*20 cm
the minimum pixel size:0.0053mm*0.0026 mm
the weight of rice can reach 30 grams.
Automatic detection
30g rice appearance quality index time about 30s
Single test sample quantity
1-1200 pieces
recommended sample quantity
Measurement error of long width
≤±0. 05mm
Error of the whole rice rate
≤± 1. 0%
Chalky whiteness
≤1. 0%

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