ISO 3537 / ECE-R43-01 Felt Cover for Headform Test

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Name: Felt Cover

Material: wool felt

Radius: 95 mm

Thickness: 5 mm

Function:Used for the head-form weight to assess the minimum strength and cohesion of the safety glass under impact from a blunt, bulky object.

Reference standard

GSO ISO 3537 Road vehicles – Safety glazing materials — Mechanical tests – Clause 8 Head-form test

ECE-R43-01 Uniform provisions concerning the approval of safety glazing materials and their installation on vehicles – Annex 3 General test conditions – Clause 3 Headform test


Head-form weight, with a spherical or semi-spherical head made of laminated hard wood covered with replaceable felt and with or without a cross-beam made of wood. Between the spherical part and the cross-beam, there is a neck-shaped intermediate piece and on the other side of the cross-beam, a mounting rod . The total mass of the apparatus shall be (10 + 0.2) kg.

The impact surface of the felt cover shall be replaced after twelve tests.

Diagrammatic drawing


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