Thyme perfumes

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Thyme, pungent herb of the mint family known for the aroma and flavor of its dried leaves and flowering tops. Thyme is native to Eurasia and is cultivated throughout the world. It is used to flavor a wide range of foods , including poultry ,stuffing’s , fish , eggs , meats , sauces ,soups ,vegetables ,cheeses and pastas.
Thyme perfume is an extension of the herb, a fragrance with the gentle smell of the leaves. The odor is soft and has a shadowy present that lasts for quite some time. Thyme perfume gives the impression of a strong presence and powerful personalities.
At Bioprogreen Morocco, we provide the finest Thyme perfumes out there, whether it is in bulk, wholesale or in individual bottles. We also provide a private labeling service for companies wishing to resell our products rebranded.

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