Custom-made nitrogen generator laser cutting machine for metal sheet

  • Price48000:110000
  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China

The exchange platform fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with a special exchange platform. The exchange speed is fast, the loading and unloading are convenient, the plate cutting and loading can be carried out at the same time, the processing efficiency is high, the running cost is low, the equipment price is affordable. It is special equipment for laser cutting of plate materials with very cost performance. It is suitable for enterprises with large processing capacity and continuous equipment work. And it is the first choice for processing and manufacturing enterprises.

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Oree laser is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales, with more than 15 years of laser industry experience. The main products are fiber laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, fiber laser marking machine and fiber laser marking machine fiber laser welding machine. Widely used in electronic and electrical production, integrated circuits, communications, equipment, computers, auto parts, glass, optical components, construction, medical, jewelry, packaging, raw materials, process processing, fashion, lighting and other industries.


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