Difference between essential oil and vegetable oil

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Difference between essential oil and vegetable oil

Most of the time people ask one question what is the difference in between an essential oil and vegetable oil due to their use in aromatherapy. As both of these oils are natural contains therapeutic properties. However, the main difference in them is the different composition of them. There are many different types of essential oils and vegetable oils in the market that use for aromatherapy practices. So, it is very much important to understand the main difference in between these two natural oils.

In this article, we are going to tell you the main difference that separates essential oil from vegetable oil and vice versa.

Difference between essential oil and vegetable oil

What are Vegetable Oils?

Vegetable oils are those natural oils that extract from a large variety of plants. However, the part from where the oil extracts depend upon the type of a plant. As from some parts of the plants the oil extracts from leaves and flowers. Moreover, for other, it extracts from the seeds. So, it’s all depends upon the type of plant.

Similarly, whatever the type of oil extracts from plants, the one which is best for aromatherapy is in cold pressed form. Most of the time, the plants that subject to high temperature got lose some of their therapeutic characteristics.

Most noteworthy thing is the vegetable oils are called as fixed oils. There are two reasons for it. The one is these are non-volatile and the second is these don’t evaporate like many other essentials oils on the market, so in short, these are non-soluble substance in alcohol.

What are essential oils?

Like vegetable oils, essential oils also extract from plants but however, the oil obtained from them is different in nature. Moreover, essential oils despite their name are not oily like vegetable oils. This kind of oil is most commonly used in steam-distill or cold compress form.

On the other hand, these oils extract from the heart of the plant, including flowers, grass, leaves, and roots as well as from the glandular hairs.

However, these are volatile and easily evaporate at room temperature. The fragrance that plants release mostly in summer is due to the high temperature. Moreover, the essential oils easily dissolve in alcohol.

Uses of vegetable oils

The vegetable oils are famous as carrier oils because these oils carry essential oils to the human body. Moreover, this oil mostly uses in the manufacturing of aromatherapy lotions as well as in creams. However, these oils use for body massage and have the greater therapeutic effect.

On the other hand, it is important to know that vegetable oils that use for cooking purposes much different from these oils. Because those for cooking purposes come in refine or pure form. While those oils that contain therapeutic properties.

Uses of essential oils

Similarly, essential oils are used for different kinds of health issues and also in aromatherapy practice and massage. When essential oil combine with vegetable oil makes a perfect skin care product.

Vegetable oils VS Essential oils

However, no doubt that the composition of both these oils is complex and the extraction of these oils depend upon the type of plant. Similarly, both these oils have same benefits but somehow different in nature. So, you can understand the main difference by observing what perfectly suits you.

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