Custom Printed Label Sticker by Laser Cutting

  • 19999:99999
  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China

With the ability to adhere to products surface, the printed label stickers are the perfect way to use for all sorts of different applications, its long-lasting durability are well-known. Now, with current equipment integration,you can flexibly print custom label stickers to show off new designs or boost your branding easier.

ž Prepare heat transfer vinyl sticker materials.

ž Ready customize printing design file

ž Start digital printers printing on heat transfer vinyl

ž Next, use Unikonex vision laser marking machine with automation function for a smoother cutting experience. Various printed label stickers all can be cut out automatically without extra cutting file or manual work.

By custom printed label stickers, you can showcase your logo, highlight your information, or design promotional patterns that will appeal to your target customers.

What Unikonex offers is the ahead intelligent cutting solution of custom printed label sticker laser cutting by the new launched vision laser marking machine.

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