Ceramic Slurry Gate Valve

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FREE-VALVE’sceramic slurry gatevalvesare a sliding valve with a closed part as a parallel gate. The clamping force of the gate to the seat is controlled by the medium pressure acting on the floating gate or floating seat. The advantage of the flat gate valve is that the flow resistance is small and the flow resistance of the valve is similar to that of the short pipe. At the same time the gate valve is sliding on both seat surfaces, the flat gate valve can also be used for media with suspended particles, and the sealing surface of the flat gate valve can actually automatically position.


1.The sealing surface is made of structure ceramic with abrasion resistance and long service life.

2.The valve body is equipped with a blow hole to prevent the body cavity from accumulating fly ash.

3.This valve is double seatandbidirectional sealing with pressure

Technical Specification:

1) SizeRange: NPS2~NPS12,DN50~DN300

2) PressureRange:0.6-1.6MPa

3) Applicable Temperature: 0~200℃

4) Connection Type: Flange

5) Sealing material:engineering ceramics

6) Body Material: WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3M

7)Pressure test:GB/T13927, API598

8) Face to Face: GB/T12221,ASME B16.10

Operating Mode:Manual/Electric/Pneumatic

FREE-VALVE’sceramic slurry gatevalvesaresuitablefor coal fired power plant, steel plant, cereals transport system,pulptransport systems. Especially suitable for vacuum negative pressure system.


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