Honzhan HZ-R2030V China CNC Router Cutting Machine 200*300cm Size With 7.5KW Vacuum Pump

  • Minimum order:1
1). Wood Industry: A large area flat plate engraving , wood panel furniture carving, wood art murals, wood cabinet doors carving.
2). Wood Products Processing: Sewing machine table, electrical counter table, sports equipment.
3). Artwork: Photo frame, jewelry box. Musical Instrument Industry: Instrument three-dimensional surface engraving, shape cutting.
Model HZ-R2030V
Work area(X,Y,Z) 2000*3000*200mm
Spindle power 3.2KW, Optional 4.5KW, 5.5KW, 6KW
Spindle Water cooling spindle, optional air cooling spindle
Machine structure Steel structure lathe bed, T-slot sectional materials
Work holding vacuum and t-slot table top
Vacuum pump 5.5KW, optional 7.5KW
Control Software Weihong NC Studio, optional RichAuto DSP controller
Driving system Leadshine step driver DMA860, 450B motor
Precision (mm) 0.07
Positioning accuracy(mm) 0.02
Repeatability (mm) 0.02
Travel speed 40m/min
Processing speed 20m/min
Available tools(mm) φ3.175-φ12
Drive system Stepper motor
Working voltage 220V, 50HZ, optional 380V, 110V

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