ANSI Impact Safety Glass Test Equipment

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Determining the resistance of glazing material to impact by the penetration method.


The specimen is supported vertically in a steel frame and an impact shot bag is released from a pre-determined height to strike the specimen at the centre. The height is progressively increased until fracture occurs.

Related Standards:

AS/NZS 2208 Safety glazing materials in buildings – Appendix D: Impact Test

GB 15763.3 Safety glazing materials in building Part 3: Laminated glass – Appendix C: Test device for the impact performance of shot bag

ANSI Z97.1 Safety Glazing Materials Used in Buildings - Safety Performance Specifications and Methods of Test - Clause 5.1: Impact Test


1) Impact testing frame:

Frame Size: 1900mm*1500mm*3570mm

Samples Size: 1930mm*864mm

Lift: Electric

Release: Auto

Maximum impact height: 1200mm (customized)

Rubber Pad Width: 15mm

Rubber Pad Thickness: 3mm

Rubber Pad Hardness: Shore A50

2)Impact shot bag:

Weight: 45kg±0.1kg 46kg±0.1kg

Height: 330mm ± 13mm

Max diameter: 250mm

Leather thickness: 1.5mm

Lead sand size: 2.5mm

Customized: 25kg /48kg

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