Hot Selling Product Mould For Tungsten Carbide Powder Pressing Mold Metallurgy Die

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Hot Selling Product Mould For Tungsten Carbide Powder Pressing Mold Metallurgy Die

Design Software UG, ProE, Auto CAD, Solidworks, etc.
Precision(mm) 0.002
Hardness HRA HRA58-62
Service Life 100000 to 300000 times
Equipments High speed CNC, standard CNC, EDM, Wire cutting, Grinder,
Lathe, Milling machine, plastic injection machine
Surface Finish Plating, Polishing, Heat treatment
Material Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Steel, Carbon Steel etc.
Service OEM &ODM service
Size Customized

Dongguan Yize Mould Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of precision round parts. In order to produce more precise precision round parts, we gradually use CNC machine tools to replace ordinary machine tools, so as to deliver high-quality and high-precision precision round parts. Customer hands.


1. The precision of flat grinding can reach 0.001mm, and the grinding angle can reach r0.015. The cumulative tolerance of 100 pieces can be controlled within 0.01mm.
2. The thinnest copper wire used for wire cutting is up to 0.1mm, and the wire cutting accuracy is up to 0.005mm. The parallelism, perpendicularity and straightness can reach 0.002mm.
3.The discharge precision can reach 0.005mm, the discharge angle can reach r0.015, and the discharge finish can reach Ra0.2.Dongguan Yize mould is a high quality connector mould parts manufacturerwhere you can buy mould parts with good quality.



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