Make Printed Leather Bag by Vision Knife Cutter

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More people are pursuing the fashion trend to buy customized printed leather bags for themselves. It could be a camera bag, pochette bag, handbag, clutch bag, purses or backpack, etc.

For the bag manufacturers, there are not so many things that need to be prepared. One leather printing machine, plus one digital cutting machine, and a sewing machine. Then you can ask the customers to design their personal printing pattern, then ready the printed leather materials for the next stop: automatic cutting.

No need for an extra cutting file to put the printed leather on the worktable, then the vision digital cutter machine could automatically finish the cutting procedure with high speed and high precision. The final step is stitching all the bag pieces. Is not it funny and easy?

Recently, one of Unikonex customers received a new order of customized printed leather bags for children\'s backpack. The cutting job for the digital cutter is automatically cut out the cute goat pattern including its small ears which are printed on the two layers of leather materials. The finished sample is well satisfied by the brand side. Now, they have already started bulk production for this printed leather bag with Unikonex digital cutting leather machine.

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