Sunchex xenon lamp aging tester with adjustable temperature and humidity

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Sunchex xenon lamp aging tester can be used to select new materials, improve existing materials or evaluate the durability of materials after composition changes. It can well simulate the changes of materials exposed to sunlight under different environmental conditions.

Meet the standards:
ISO11378-2:2001, ASTMD6540, ASTMD3424, ASTMD5071, ASTMD6695, ASTMG151, ASTMG155, ISO11431, ISO11979, ISO105B02, etc
Scope of application:
It is suitable for testing the color fastness to sunlight of textiles, photostability of chemicals, photoaging of coatings, photoaging of plastic parts, solar aging of rubber and solar aging of building materials.
Product details:
The new Sunchex temperature and humidity adjustable color fastness tester uses xenon arc lamp simulating full sunlight spectrum to reproduce destructive light waves in different environments, so as to quickly test the stability of dyes in textiles and other materials and the structural damage and weathering of materials themselves under the action of sunlight. The light fastness tester can provide corresponding environmental simulation and accelerated test for scientific research, product development and product quality control, and avoid the deviation of results caused by long period of natural exposure test and poor consistency of test conditions. It has good correlation, repeatability and reproducibility, and has built-in temperature and humidity adjustment system to provide stable temperature and humidity conditions for testing.
300-400nm broadband illumination controller ensures constant irradiation of xenon lamp within its service life;
The illuminance control and monitoring in the range of 300-400nm can reach 80W/m2.
Relative humidity monitoring and control, and equipped with ultrasonic humidifier to ensure long-term reliable operation;
Black standard thermometer monitors and controls the temperature;
Microprocessor control;
Friendly and intuitive operating system, free to program up to 15 test programs;
Configure RS232 interface, which can directly print test results online
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