Use Laser Widely in Sublimation Printing, Textile and Metal Fields

  • FOB Price : USD $99,999.00 / Piece
  • Place of Origin:中国
  • Minimum 1order:1

Say no to inefficient and time-consuming production now, we need to accelerate procedure optimization! To match an efficient cutting solution with your production, make processing faster, easier and controllable. We provide:

-UL-VD180150 DSLR Vision Laser Cutting Machine: professional forcustomized sublimation printed sports jersey laser cutting, printed hat laser cutting, sublimated face masks laser cutting, sublimated hijab laser cutting, and printed flag laser cutting etc.

-UL-VD320150 Ultra-wide Size Vision Laser Cutting Machine: professional for3 meters ultrawide and large format printing textile cutting, printed light box fabric cutting, advertisement signs & stands cutting, laser cutting printed outdoor flag, banner and tents etc.

-UL-GS-D Dynamic CO2 Laser Marking Machine: professional fornon-metal materials cutting and engraving, available in vinyl film, jeans, carpet, wood, and laser-cut ventilation holes on apparel etc.

-UL-GS-F Fiber Laser Marking Machine: professional formetal materials surface engraving, as engraving on thermos mug, pet nameplate laser marking, cola can laser marking, USB marking, and aluminum tube laser engraving etc.

Whether you are pursuing speedy processing in mass production, or pursuing flexibility in customization orders, don’t ignore the importance of efficient laser solution to propel the growth! There is more we can provide!

Get more widely cutting applications by laser cutting and laser marking equipment, Unikonex serves you cost-effective laser solution!

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