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Fashion accessories

Furnitur-BY LLC is the largest company on the CIS territory, which specializes in production and procurement of shoe, sewing and haberdashery accessories from metal and plastic as well as the materials used for shoe production.

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FURNITUR-BY LLC is the only producer in the Republic of Belarus of decorative rivets in a combined way.

There are several options for making decorative rivets.

Option 1: the decorative part of the product is poured to the rivet shank, which serves as an ornament, and the installation and fastening of such an ornament occurs as a regular rivet on a head.

Option 2: we make the casting of the workpiece, followed by gluing to the product of rhinestones, artificial stones, stickers of various subjects or with laser engraving, and the installation and fastening of such an ornament takes place like a regular rivet on a head.

Because of using of three sizes of rivet shanks, we make products that are installed on a different package of thicknesses of natural or artificial materials.

Furnitur-BY LLC

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