architectural stainless steel wire mesh

  • Price per m2:10-100
  • Place of Origin:Hebei Province, China
Stainless Steel Decorative Wire Mesh is woven in Stainless Steel for mainly architectural decoration.

Stainless steel wire mesh as architectural mesh for decoration and design combines functionality with high aesthetic features. A combination opens new perspectives to creative design and allow for fascinating architectural solutions. Due to their multiple functional and aesthetic qualities, the meshes are suitable for various applications in architecture and interior

•Materials:SS 304, SS 316, SS 304L, SS 316L

•Packaging :Wooden box


Wire Rope Diameter: 5mm

Bar Diameter: 7mm

Rope pitch: 30mm

Bar Pitch: 70mm



decorative mesh has non combustibility, high strength, more stronger, easy to maintain, strong functional, vivid for efficiency of decoration, and good protection for construction .

The decoration for large-scale applications:

Widely used in building facades, partition, ceiling, for shading, balcony and corridor, rolling shutter, stair channel, and airport station, Guesthouse and Hotel, museum, opera, concert hall, office building, exhibition hall, shopping malls, etc, which are for interior and exterior decoration of high-end places.

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